October, 19xx.

October, 19xx.


It all started when...

My grandparents moved to Winterhaven.

White sand, cypress trees, grapefruit and orange juice were always optimistically on the horizon, but a particular mansion really pervaded my youth. At an early age, I found that the same strange cool musty smell that filled the interior show building also blew out of our home air conditioner. Regularly then, back from vacation, I would hug my face to the living room floor vent, exercising haunting olfactory memories... until we moved.

Since then, I've sailed through penmanship procedures, band camps, racquet instructionals, studio models, architectural histories, building codes, digital kinetics, and lunchbox notes, all while remaining steadfastly anchored to creating fully-immersive, multi-sensory design for Themed & Experiential Entertainment – detailing visual stories for spaces and events that to transport you back to that wonderful musty place.

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