Event horizons.

I've developed full video content packages for events large and small – select project list below.

Deliverables have included: overall theme/story development, event-specific branding/design, animated video openers, titles, logos, graphics for live action video (bumpers, interstitials, lower thirds, infographics), and fully-animated segments.


Darleen Santore speaker intro

Social media reviews:

"Seriously @coachdar! This was the best entrance I have ever seen..." -yourlifeyourlocket (Instagram)

"...This was such an amazing entrance!!..." -locketsbybre (Instagram)

"...I saw this, incredible!!" -skptwit (Twitter)

REDI Cincinnati conference (graphics)


Powernet event marketing (graphics)


Scripps Howard Foundation presentations (graphics)

Partnering with another studio (who directed, shot, and edited the live action segments), I provided graphics (design + animation) overlaying the live action content. The two videos were used for private conferences and marketing (view galleries below).

Project details: Graphics for live action video including: titles / logo animation, lower thirds, infographics, compositing, kinetic photos / fx, and general frame animation.

Role: Art direction, 2D design + animation, and motion design.

Tools: AE, AI, PS

Scripps Howard Foundation Overview

About Scripps Howard Internships

Braun awards

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Cincinnati Opera 90th Gala event videos

Partnering with a studio (who directed, shot, and edited the live action segments), I provided graphics (design + animation) and developed the opening montage and titles.

Role: Art direction, 2D design + animation, editing, rotoscoping, and motion design.

Tools: AE, AI, PS


These videos were part of a larger event graphics package, which included:

Two 2-minute 30-second formal interviews
One 3-minute tribute montage
One 3-minute historical clip
One 10-minute (looping) historical montage

EACC Cincinnati event video + branding

Development of an event video for European-American Chamber of Commerce's Conference & Gala in Cincinnati. Additionally, I concepted ideas for an EACC rebrand (unsolicited).

Project details: Fully-animated, looping, projected video (screenshots above).

For more rail transit initiatives that I've worked with, visit:

Cincinnati Railways page →


Role: Art direction, concept development, story development, storyboarding, 2D design, 3D modeling, 2D + 3D animation, and motion design.

Tools: C4D, AE, AI, PS

Original video design examples (for existing sets)