Entertainment Designer, et al.

I'm a concept designer + animator with emphasis in experiential storytelling and themed environments. A broad skill set, extensive education and professional experience, has led to this portfolio reflecting many areas of design practice: writing, illustration, animation, and installation. Complete visual stories – from concept to actualization.


Work samples – from early sketch phase through to full finished render – demonstrating a wide range of capabilities: 2D, 3D, digital and traditional. (Click on images to go to corresponding project.)



Stemming from a traditional fine arts education, tactile studio methods have informed years of later work in digital media processes. With emphasis on Architectural History and predilection for Entertainment Design, this well-rounded design experience has led to the development of convincing static concepts and engaging visual stories.


A Master's degree in Motion Media (SCAD) and years of experience executing upmarket digital video – for some of the world's biggest companies, brands, products, and events – has resulted a thorough understanding and execution of the animated visual experience, and how it can support broader story-driven environments.