One artist paints one tree (trunk).

In a recent attempt to get away from the computer for bit, stretch my legs, and resurrect the glory days, I threw my hat into the Mariemont Paint Out ring.

I hadn't attempted plein air painting since my undergrad days, and even then didn't do it often, so this was a reach (most of my work came in-studio) – but I had some inspiration (ref. to this post title).


I used a stretcher that I built by hand in college and had been lugging around, gathering dust. It was mammoth, but I prepped it for some "new" 80 year-old canvas from my great uncle (of Cincinnati Art Academy fame). This was good-quality cloth, but pre-gessoed and now hard and flaky – but I was nostalgic, so put it on anyway.


Kept it simple – no oils this time. Back to basics with chalk and acrylics.


Subject: trees. Not totally a cop out, as Mariemont is known for its trees, but this was an easy subject to sidle back onto after being away from brushes for so long.

I wanted to focus on the core of the tree – the trunk, surface roots, and texture. After two partial days, I came up with something partially-complete:


This one will be revisited.