I'm a designer + director with background in several creative categories, motivated by thoroughly researched, representative, and intentional design – for both digital + built environments – with emphasis in:

Entertainment Design for themed environments – including story development, concept art, and set/prop design. Well-versed in traditional studio art techniques and art/architectural history.

Media Design for broadcast, interactive, events & displays – including concept development, boards, 2D + 3D asset creation, and animation. Kinetic design for all platforms.

My primary interests lie in immersive storytelling – the development of original themed concepts and the re-imagining of existing environments through:

• Traditional illustration & concept design,
• Digital design and 3D modeling, and
• Presentation of these ideas through animated video.


Though I have been known to do other things, too:

• Upstream concept & story development (CD roles),
• Look, layout, and overall aesthetic for various projects, static & kinetic (AD duties),
• Interactive design for web & mobile applications (UI/UX),
• Storyboards & animatics (pre-production),
• And of course, motion design & video editing (production & post).


Additionally, I've founded and regularly contribute to other ventures, such as:


City Revisited

Schoolhouse Stock

 Other personal artwork ventures


Matt Hunter Ross
Designer | Illustrator | Animator

matt @ matthunterross.com
(513) 720 9346

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